New Firebirds Alert

Margie Steve, Senior, BC ECHS

Teen Scene Freelance Writer, Senior, BC ECHS (Margie Steve)

            Brunswick Early College High School kicked off the school year with Summer Bridge on August 5, 2022. Incoming Freshmen and new students attended a day of fun and getting to know each other, teachers, and the school. This event wouldn’t have succeeded without Marijayne Jessup and National Honors Society members planning and helping. Early College has new students this year, a new assistant principal, and two new teachers.

Chris Orrock, the previous assistant principal, went to Shallotte Middle School to get more experience to become a principal one day. His students and staff already miss Chris Orrock. Anthony Tantillo is the Firebird’s new assistant principal. He transferred from Shallotte Middle School to get high school experience. Welcome to the family, Mr. Tantillo; he already fits in with his excitement and constant energy.

Ms. Adams is our new American I and II history teacher at Brunswick County Early College High School. She is replacing Sarah Osborne. Mrs. Osborne closed one journey and opened up another exciting journey in her life. She is well missed as she has impacted many students’ lives and showed them that it is important for your voice to be heard. Ms. Adams is fresh out of college and is already engaging with her students in her class. Welcome to the Firebird family Ms. Adams.

Ms. Foster is our new math teacher, replacing Kathryn Schertzer. Mrs. Schertzer left during the year with her husband so he could go to pilot school to become a pilot. During her short time here, she made every effort to make sure her students were learning the best way they could during virtual learning and face-to-face. As a previous math teacher, Ms. Foster came from West Brunswick High School, so this isn’t her first rodeo. Welcome, Ms. Foster, to early college.

Freshmen here at early college are getting the hang of the school after a month of adjusting. Some are still shy, and some have already explored their new home. Upperclassmen are doing a phenomenal job assisting freshmen and new students with questions, schedules, and anything they need. That is what a Firebird looks like. We are excited to start the 2022-2023 school year and see what this year brings.

Firebirds kicked off the first Friday of the school year with an ice cream social on August 12, 2022, during club time. Students gathered in the SAC and explored many club options to choose from and got to know other students and staff.

(Photos by Margie Steve)


NHS Members

Freshmen at Bridge

Mrs. Foster (math one and math two teachers)