New Year’s Resolutions–How Effective are They? Teacher Perspective

New Year’s Resolutions–How Effective are They? Teacher Perspective

Angela Mabry, Teacher, BCECHS


By Angela Mabry, ECHS Math Teacher


It’s that time of year again. We are headed toward the winter holidays and a new year. You know what that means. It is time to ponder what my New Year’s Resolution should be for 2023.  Although I have skipped some years, I almost always make one. They are quite diverse–from saving more money to running a 10K to getting my master’s degree. I am basically all over the map from year to year, and I bet it does not surprise you that I have failed to stick with many of my New Year’s resolutions. The concept sounds so amazing–starting a new year with a clean slate and a brand new calendar/planner, followed by recording my resolution for the year. Although I start off strong, by around February, I have lost my mojo and the resolution has gone by the wayside.


As a result, I do not think resolutions are particularly effective, at least in my life. Many of mine over the years looked like “pipe dreams” which ultimately did not end well. Well-known motivation coach Tony Robbins, says, “Transforming your life requires deep self-reflection, overcoming your limiting beliefs, and building new habits. The best New Year’s resolutions are about setting goals and making a dedicated plan to achieve them” (Robbins, n.d.). In my case, it seems that I never commit to make the necessary life changes to achieve success. But all may not be lost! I can turn it around this year and take the time to really put together a SMART goal and a plan for success this year. Who knows? Maybe next year, I will be able to write about how effective New Year’s resolutions can be.


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