Real Tree vs. Fake tree for Christmas

Mary Said, ECHS Sophomore

Real Tree vs. Fake tree for Christmas by Mary Said


One of the most well known debates around Christman time is a real tree or a fake tree to decorate? Many people were interviewed and many opinions were expressed but they were all different. When interviewed, many people said they prefer a real tree because it smells better, is traditional, and it’s more authentic. 

Teachers such as Megan Smith (English teacher) and Mrs. Ernheart (Data manager), said that they both prefer fake trees for the reason that they are simply less messy and less maintenance. Although real trees are more authentic and traditional, fake trees reduce the money wasted on buying a new tree every year.

Although, when interviewed Lorry Henry, science teacher, said that she prefers a real tree because, “It’s authentic, and reduces Plastic!”. She elaborated on how fake trees can increase the plastic that’s put out in the environment and how real trees are easier to dispose of. When asked, Marci Wood (10th grader) said that her and her family have a special tradition to buy a real tree at the same place every year. She also agreed with my henry that these real trees are easier to dispose of and are more authentic, therefore more meaningful. 

This debate has gone on since we started this tradition. Fake and real trees both have their benefits but both are equally traditional. Regardless of if you prefer a real tree or a fake tree or even none at all, it doesn’t change how Christmas is celebrated or how many presents youll on Christmas morning!