Lucky Charms


Charles Bins, Leland, NC

Sean, now five,  was born March 17th and he loved Lucky Charms. On his 3rd birthday while the sun shined on his cereal, the Leprechaun leapt onto the table, danced a jig, and took a bow. “I’m Patrick,’ he said tipping his top hat. “I’m your new best friend. And boy, do you need me.”

Patrick shared all his time with Sean. Whenever Sean played in the sandbox, the Leprechaun would dance atop Sean’s castles and sing, “Oh, Danny Boy.” On special occasions, he would spray the air with *Pink Hearts* *Yellow Moons*  *Orange Stars* and *Green Clovers.*

Most days, Sean’s mother was busy working, and his father travelled. Sean played with friends at school, but Patrick was always with him, especially when he had a question or felt down.

At supper, his parents talked about grown up stuff. One night, he asked his mom if she was eating too much meatloaf. She said, “A baby is coming.” Sean decided the baby must really like meatloaf. Patrick assured him: “Don’t worry. You’re the apple of their eye, lad, and after all, you were here first.”

Every night after brushing teeth, Sean’s mom read him adventure stories and kissed him three times. When the door closed, Patrick always whispered, “Sweet dreams, lad.” Sean dreamed of kicking balls, building skyscrapers, and playing policeman. And every day, Patrick would pat him on the back and help him ponder things.

Today when Sean came for breakfast, his mother bent over and struggled for a chair. Sean fetched her purse, and she called a taxi, then his Dad. She told him her “concoctions” were getting close.

When she hung up she asked for water. Before Sean could hand her the glass, though, it looked like she spilled it on the floor. “Water’s breaking,” she blurted. Sean froze, but Patrick read his face: “She’s still holding the glass, lad, and you didn’t spill it.”

When the taxi came, his mother sat in front and Sean climbed in back. He held the door for Patrick who wanted to crouch on the floor, but Sean made him wear a seatbelt.

Lucky Charms -2


“Lakeside Hospital, hurry!” his mother puffed as they sped off. Between puffs, she turned to Sean with a smile. “Today, you’ll be my little man. Daddy’s on his way, but he might not get here in time, so Grammy will meet us.”

Patrick chimed in, “Good, we can all play in the waiting room.” No one laughed.

A nurse helped his mom into a wheelchair and pushed her to a bright room on the third floor. After Grammy joined them, he and Patrick played hide-and-seek. But there weren’t many places to hide, and his mom moaned a lot.

The moment the doctor stepped in, Grammy stepped out and led them to a waiting room with toys. Before Sean could grab the cherry-topped patrol car, Patrick locked eyes: “You’re a big boy now, and soon you’ll have company.”

“What do you mean?” Sean blinked.

“A baby, I think.”

Sure enough, a few hours later, Grammy held Sean up to the window to see rows of babies. Somebody made mistakes with the diaper pins, though: Babies were screaming their teeth out. Grammy pointed to two rosy cheeks in front sleeping soundly. “Those two sleeping beauties are your sisters, Sean. –Twins.”

Patrick clicked his heels. ‘Pretty soon, there’ll be so much jabbering in your house, lad, you won’t be able to hear me.” Waving his wand, he streaked the air with hearts, moons, stars and clovers.

Sean was so busy watching his wriggling sisters he hardly noticed. “Ooh, two!” he squealed, “Two, Lucky Charms**!