Slowing Heartbeat

I see your face in the sky.

Please just come back one more time.

Love only comes and goes.

My love for you just couldn’t show.


We miss you; we miss you and so much more.

You said you would be here forever; you swore.

You kneeled to the floor and prayed to God.

“My time is up; my life is a fraud.”


He took your soul peacefully at night.

And without a fright, you said, “Alright.”

Your hand turned cold, too cold to hold.

Your funeral will be filled, filled with people you love.


Please come back and return as a dove.

When we look at the stars, we think of you.

We love you; we miss you; I hope you knew.

You didn’t fear death; you had no fear at all.


You thought about life with no tears to bawl.

You knew it was time to go, but the colors inside you still showed.

I wish I could’ve seen you before you died.

It felt like getting stabbed in the gut as I cried.


If God never took you, you would still be here.

I’m glad he did, but my love for you never disappeared.