Prejudging on Looks

Jaxon Beckford , 6th grade Myrtle Grove Middle School

Jaxon Beckford

This story was created from an exercise asking students to look at a photo and write about it.


Our story starts off with a dirty little girl sitting on the corner of the road in the pouring rain. Three people walk up to her. Two of them are a jolly-looking couple; the third person is in a black robe. All three offer her a hand and the little girl goes with the jolly couple. But little did the couple and little girl know that the cloaked black figure was following them. When the couple and the girl got home, they dried the girl off and read her a book. Then they put her to bed. As the girl started to fall asleep, the couple started to turn into demons. Right when the girl was about to be gobbled up, the black-cloaked figure snatched her up and ran away with her. This just goes to show you shouldn’t always judge on how someone looks.