BCECHS Focuses on Respect

Emmy Russ, 10th Grade BC ECHS

ECHS writer
ECHS Sophomore (Emmy Russ)

As part of their plan to strengthen school culture, Brunswick County Early College High School has spent the month of January focusing on respect. During the month, the school had daily reminders to show respect to everyone and a number of activities that stressed the importance of being respectful. 

The focus on respect is part of the school’s overall plan to reinforce their Five Rs, which are respect, rigor, relevancy, responsibility, and relationships. They are focusing on a different value each month for the upcoming semester and making efforts to inspire students to display them.

One new way that the school is highlighting the importance of respect is by providing a submission box and small sheets of paper where students can write down acts of respect they see around the school and then put them in the box. The students discussed respect during their weekly seminar classes, and the members of the BCECHS Beta Club put together a presentation about the topic for their fellow students. 

The school is known for its high standards for the students there, and this is another way that they are displaying that. The Five Rs are a key part of their culture, and reiterating their importance will only benefit the students and staff!