Dr. Oates’ Farewell

Kyler Terry , 10th Grade BC ECHS

Kyler Terry

Dr. Jerry Oates, the superintendent of Brunswick County Schools, previously announced his resignation from the role, effective February 20, 2023. Before he left, he reflected on his experience as the superintendent over the past five years. He also discussed his future as the North Carolina Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction. 


Dr. Oates said that his favorite part of working as the superintendent was supporting principals as they worked to ensure that student and teacher needs were met. He continued to express the fact that he is very proud of the principals around the county. Dr. Oates also said that one of his proudest accomplishments while being superintendent was hiring “some of the most effective teachers I have seen in my 28 years in public education.”


Although Dr. Oates is taking on a new role as the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, he will remain in Brunswick County. He says that although he is not leaving the county, he will miss the solid relationships he made with people in the school system. He says it will be an adjustment as he will have to become accustomed to not seeing these people daily.


So, what are the details of Dr. Oates’ new career? He says that he will be leading a “major division of the agency– School and District Support. It includes federal programs, the Office of Safe Schools, and School Operations and Nutrition.” This job is a great opportunity for Dr. Oates as he will now be working directly under the State Superintendent, Ms. Catherine Truitt. 


As the new Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Oates is looking forward to “building relationships with more people across the state and working to improve outcomes for the students of the NC Public School System.”


Dr. Oates thanks the people of Brunswick County for allowing him to serve as their superintendent, and he says that it has been one of his greatest pleasures of his professional career.