Maze of the Heart

MIcahel Hawkins, 8th Grade Leland Middle

Michael Hawkins, III

A moth is drawn to a bright flame 

A bee is drifting to the colorful flower

The heart wants what the heart wants 

Its wanton feelings that happen in a flash

The urge to go to someone or somewhere

It entraps you in a maze that you try to find a way out of, dazed and confused by the colors of red that line the wall.

That beat as one with the rhythm of your chest

That twist and turn and conform to an intricate design that is inescapable

But it somehow makes sense to conform to this shape 

It rounds at the peaks that represent the softness and gentleness of its power

And the curve into a sharp edge resembling its power and deadliness

But for it is too late, you hear a  lullaby sung by an unknown voice that drifts you into sleep and keeps you wrapped in its covers of desire