The House in the Mountains

Leo Tidwell, 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Leo Tidwell

Recently my grandad died; not too sure how he died. We think it might have been a bear attack, but with the recent events, we aren’t too sure if it was an actual bear. My grandad was the only family that I had, so when he passed away, I got the house in the Appalachian mountains he had always lived in. When I got the house, I was very excited to move in so I and my daughter Ellie could get out of the old apartment that we had been living in for quite some time. Ellie and I got all of our things packed up into a small car, and we set off to our new house in the mountains.


When Ellie and I arrived we were both a little taken aback by how big the house was so we both got everything in the house and got both of our rooms set up for the night, so we both went right to sleep. When Ellie and I got up, we got all ready and left for the town that was around 20 minutes away to get some things that we weren’t able to take with us. We finally arrived and we spent a few hours in the town getting the things we needed, so Ellie was ready to go and I was ready to get back to the house myself. So we left and it started to get pretty dark on the way back but we were still able to find where to go. So we could tell that we were getting pretty close to the house when all of a sudden and dark figure darted across the street we were on almost getting hit both of us were shaken up both get out of the car to see what we almost hit and it was too dark to see what it was and it was probably gone by now anyways. We both just got back in the car and returned home still on alert just in case something like that happened again.


Thankfully we returned safely and got everything into the house, so I make dinner for the two of us while we talk about the move and what happened in the car ride, the talk had me thinking about what it really was because at first i thought of it maybe just being a deer but once I really started thinking about it, it looked more like a person but I just shrugged it off it didn’t seem too big of a deal, but then it was time to finally go to sleep so we both go to sleep but suddenly I woke up in a panic not knowing why until I looked at the window then I finally seen why I was in such a panic a tall dark figure looking just like the one we almost hit was standing right outside my window just staring at me. I got up so quickly to grab the nearest thing and went to my daughter’s room but when I went inside the room was empty. Not her or any of her things were in there. That’s when I started to scream Ellie’s name just to never hear her ever again. 


After I opened the door and screamed everything went black and I was just stuck in the darkness of my eyelids just to wake up in the middle of the floor in my old apartment. I got up and asked some of my neighbors that were friends with us where Ellie was but they all were confused and told me I didn’t have a daughter. I started to freak out and that’s when I told them the whole story they told me that I never had a daughter and that my grandpa died about 4 years ago, I never believed them so I asked a few other people and they all thought I was crazy. I started to think I was crazy so I checked myself into the mental hospital where I’m writing this from.