The Old Barn

Bradley W. Hall, 6th Grade Town Creek Middle School

Bradley Hall

Many years ago, a homeless couple was looking for a job. They were never able to find one so they started their own business. They found an old run-down barn that was available and free to a good owner. They did what they had to do to get the old barn and the surrounding land. It was the best day of their life. They were so happy just to have a roof over their heads.

A wealthy friend named Fred felt bad for them. Since Fred had once been homeless, he also gave them $100,000. That gift and the barn changed their entire life!

They renovated the barn and bought a nice truck and animals. They started selling the animals as they raised them. With the profits, they bought more land and more animals. Soon they were able to buy a house. There they lived their dream life. As the years passed, they had two children, Jack and Terry. They lived the happiest life they could have ever dreamed of having.


(Note from Editor: This writing effort was made as part of a 30-minute spontaneous writing exercise. We helped with some editing. Excellent job for the first time.)