Town Creek 6th Grade Poetry (Multiple Poems)

Town Creek 6th Grade Poetry (Multiple Poems)


By Samuela Netus


My outside self is different,

From the inside self of me

Some stuff about them is the same

As soon as you know me, 

You will see.


My outside self is sweet

Quiet, not funny, not athletic

Not smart

My inside self is different


My inside self is sweet

But loud, funny, athletic

And smart


Now you can see the difference

My inside and outside self

Are different.



by Giselle Garcia


I sat near the sea

Where all the waves can be

Express my feelings as you see



by Camrin Gallup



Cleansing, inhaling

Taking in air

You need it to live




by Kash Duboise


Action, Tough

Square Up with an Opponent

Fun to hang out with friends,


PC, Virtual
Raging, Gaming, Room
Happy, Focused, Fun, Energy
By: Tyler Norcross

Darkness and Light
Evil and Good
Fighting but no Winner
Noah Conrad


The Lonely Creek
As I Sat

I Heard the Sound of Nothing
By Autumn B.

Dirt Bikes
Red, CCF125
Ride, Accelerate, Shift
Great, Fun, Me, Friends
Mini Bike
By Bradley Hall