I Wish

Lariyah Dansbury, 9th Grade North Brunswick High School

I wish… 

My papa always treated me like a princess.

He was my knight.

I wish…

I wish he stayed.

My mama always blamed him for everything.

How I acted out or how I would ignore her.

I wish Mama would understand how badly I want her to pay attention to me.

But it’s only a wish 

Just like how badly I want my papa to come back and makeup with mama. 

But he told me it’s never going to happen 

So I hid in my shell. 

Never to be seen again.

Mama didn’t even notice.

So this time I leave for good.

It’s not like I have anything.

I’m a useless, worthless, no-good, and a horrible child.

Some days I can help but stare at myself.

Distorted and Disfigured 

I stare there as raindrops trickle into nothingness.

I’m Crimped and Dusty

I crack like dark skin in the summer.

In the back of my mind, I am hollow. 

Sometimes I wish my fairy godmother sprinkled me with pixie dust

And let me and my knight live together forever and meet my princess charming

But like I said it’s only a wish 

My papa was my knight 

But I feel like a shadow in the night


I wish… 

I wish … I was good enough for my mother.


There was a woman with Mama 

She said she was here to take me to ….. Wonderland 

I feel like Alice or Cinderella right now 

Finally, I’ll be in my fairytale world



I…It wasn’t my fairytale 

It was a nightmare 

There were no pixies & no fairies 

No Peter Pan 

No Cinderella

No Magic Slipper 

No Papa 

No Mama


I wish… I could take it back 

Mama… Papa… 

I miss you…My Knight