A Parking Lot Brawl

A Parking Lot Brawl

Samuel Cahenzil

Darkness, darkness and pain filled Nathen’s brain like a wave crashing on the sand. He could still hear shouting and the ringing in his ears, the voices of people cheering for his opponent to take him down. Blinking hard, his vision came back with blurry shapes and colors; just in time to see the approaching fist.

Gathering all his remaining strength he was able to get his arms up and use his forearms to block the oncoming blow; it caught him just above his already injured elbow. The aching pain coursed through his body and demanded that he give up and lose the fight, but his anger and adrenaline outweighed his body’s pleads of surrender.

Stepping back, he got his hands up and side- stepped to avoid the thigh kick that was coming in. Using his opponent’s momentum against him, Nathen pushed the leg down and lunged forward, landing a lucky hit to the right side of the man’s jaw. Seeing the look of confusion and pain on his opponent’s face sent a feeling of warmth through Nathen, leading him to advance closer towards the man who was just now getting his hands up. Nathen brought a hard-left hook to his ribs.

He could win this, he knew that a few more shots to the head would take the man down; Nathen was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn’t see the man’s friend rushing at him, lunging at his left side, tackling him. The world began to spin as pain surged through his body. Slowly the warmth that once filled him was gone, and a coldness was left in its place as his eyes betrayed him. Soon his mind went blank as he lost consciousness.