Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

Sleeping Mats for the Homeless


During COVID, the Mad Mat’ers club of Brunswick Forest and the Happy Hookers of the Bridge church in Leland, have merged to keep the important mission of creating sleeping mats for the homeless. There are over 300 homeless people in Brunswick county and that was before COVID. Many more are now homeless due to COVID. They sleep outside 24/7/356 days a year. Think about that. Would you be able to be outside for 24 hours?

These mats are 6×4 feet and are made from the typical plastic recycle bags. It takes approximately 800-1000 bags to make 1 mat.
It’s amazing what a simple plastic bag that you’d normally throw away to a landfill, can be made into.

The mats provide a barrier between the homeless people and the ground. They are very warm. They are also very easy to clean. Some homeless people group their mats together when its bad weather and make a lean-to out of the mats for all of them to share.  We make the mats by cutting plastic recycle bags into strips, tying them together, and then crocheting them!

Goggle: – How to Make PLARN Bed Roll or Making Sleeping Mats for the Homeless for more information.

If you’d like to help, please bring your clean, flatten recycle bags to the Commons in Brunswick Forest on any Thursday from 9:30-12. No newspaper, bread, or thick plastic bags. Only plastic bags from Walmart, grocery stores, etc., are usable and can be accepted.