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Make the gate and take your ticket shortchange made seven feet up

Hurry to the Midway dish of quarters, balloons, candy, popcorn

Salt and sugar sell the drinks half a dollar for a water coke

Along the rings, ducks bumper cars tilt a Wheel whirligig mini Ferris wheel

Pulse and pressure going up

Twisted guns and throwing things, animal for your sweety

Leaded bottles dunk the clown same new excitement from the sound

Lurking death at the moto drome cycles cutouts open, will they wreck

They might wreck hand in pocket someone might die what a shame, I was there

Dulcet tones the talker drones practice modulation

Grandsons do the gameshows now, sells a little siding, prime the guilty juices

King serpent wobbly raises head

Ladies and Gents, phantoms of the side show

One thin dime one tenth part of a dollar view the lovely dancing girls

They walk they talk they shimmy, and they shake they quiver, and they quake

They wiggle on their bellies like reptiles

They dance on their right foot, they dance on their left foot

Between them they make a handy fortune like First National Bank of Night

Come on and see the show

Easy, easy no pushing no shoving, you, there in that green dress

There’s plenty of room for all slide on down if you want that special angle

Ladies you might learn something be prepared to be shocked! SHOCKING

They flounce, they bounce rocket to the moon they bend over backwards to please everyone

Ready Rose forswears hose and other little things she knows the combination

Every time she does her dance another Seminary shuts its doors

Another Pastor slams the book heading for the desert, locust and honey foreswear all money

Come on in have a seat this show goes on without an end

It starts lives ago

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