Brunswick County Legionnaires Help a Veteran in Need

Charles Jackson

submitted on behalf of Gary Crowden, Chairman, Brunswick County Veterans Coalition

Early in February 2021, an American Legionnaire from American Legion Post 543 (St. James) was contacted by a veteran who was in dire need of assistance. He had moved from Pennsylvania in December and, with a limited amount of funds, was able to find a place to live. Unfortunately, as time moved on, his funds were depleted, and he found himself in a situation where he had no money and was about to be evicted from his current residence. Desperate for help he reached out to the American Legion. That phone call triggered an immediate call for Legionnaires in Brunswick County to rally and accept the mission to provide the needed assistance to get this veteran into suitable housing and fast. 

American Legion Post 543 took the lead supported by Posts 550 (Shallotte) and 68 (Leland). The Commander of Post 550 in Shallotte identified a possible apartment complex where the veteran could stay. Armed with that information Post 543 took the veteran to Artesa Village Apartments in Sunset Beach to see if he would qualify. It did not take long to get the answer. 

Artesa Village’s property manager worked very closely with the veteran and the representative from Post 543 to secure the requisite documentation. The word came back that the veteran was indeed qualified. There was tremendous relief by all parties concerned that we had thwarted the possibility of another vet being homeless. But the story does not end there. 

Although the veteran had secured the apartment, additional funds were needed to turn the electricity on. Post 543 took on this task and within hours they had secured the needed funds.  But there was still more to be done. Now that the vet had an apartment and electricity, he needed furniture and other supplies. Again Post 543 took the lead. Some furniture was identified by the Post, but more was needed. That is when post 68 raised its hand and provided additional financial support along with transportation to get the furniture from 543 to the new domicile. Post 68 members also provided additional furniture and kitchen supplies. 

To say the vet was overwhelmed by the support rendered by American Legion Posts 543, 68, and 550 would be an understatement. The collective efforts of three American Legion Posts gave this veteran a new chance. They will continue to make “buddy checks” to ensure this veteran moves in a positive direction and never has to worry about his future. The American Legion’s credo, No Veteran Left Behind, was certainly exemplified in this case.