Babysitting the Devil

Babysitting the Devil

Ne'Vaeh Bullard

Babysitting the Devil

Leaves a negative impact on you 

Don’t matter about your spirit level

But you will have no clue

The devil represents all evil

All our battles are different

Could be drugs running in a needle 

Then the next day ask God for deliverance

I can’t tell you what to do

I haven’t even solved my problems

Different solutions caused by different views

My goal is to get out the bottom

Babysitting the Devil

You hurting yourself without noticing it 

Founding out it’s you, you are your own revel

Tired of some preachers preaching they just some hypocrites 

I’m babysitting the devil 

Not wanting to get rid of it 

Like evil running down my blood vessels 

Bathing myself in that deep dark tarpit 

One part of me wants to be good

Other side don’t want to change

I can be beautiful and peaceful like a dogwood

I know soon, to live life, I have to exchange