Chuck Schwartz – writer


   I live on beautiful Hilton Head Island in South Carolina with my wife Renee. I am also a father to three grown and wonderful children – Jonathan, Brett, and Alyssa.  In 2020, I published two books, “Chuck’s Lemonade:  A Recipe for Inspired Thinking and Living” and also, “Huxley the Aquarius: One Dog’s Lemons to Lemonade Story” in the spirit of sharing my habits for inspired thinking and living, for finding gifts when lives you lemons, and for turning your lemons into lemonade. My “Chuck’s Lemonade Collection” of inspirational books, journals, presentations and more, are all designed to help you think better so you can live better. 

My writing career began in 2016 with my “Chuck’s Lemonade Blog” (you can subscribe to my blog at and receive a daily dose of inspiration). I began my blog after my business partner lied, stole, and caused an abrupt ending to our successful business. My blog was an outlet for sharing my thoughts and stories about coping with negative feelings like anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, resentment, stress, and worry. Today my blog is read and enjoyed by over 850 readers daily. 

In 2018 , my wife and I traveled to Hilton Head Island (a place we dreamed of retiring one day) and literally buried our troubles at sea (we wrote down our troubles and worries on little pieces of paper, placed them in a little wooden box, and tossed them into the ocean). With the weight of our problems lifted, my wife looked at me and said, “What are we waiting for?” Over the next three months we began and completed a process of selling our home and moving up our dream ten years earlier than planned. The rest, as they say, is history!