Veronica “Ronnie” Pastecki – writer


   I lived in Albany, NY, for most of my adult life, although I grew up in Hicksville, Long Island.         Married to my college sweetheart for 49 years, I am the mother of two and grandmother to a precious little girl. I was a school library media specialist for 19 years and a Grants Administrator for seven years before retiring from Albany City Schools.

Most of my writing had been for grant applications and reports until I started a writing class under the guidance of Bev Moss Haedrich about three years ago. Writing has opened a door for me where I can explore memories while also creating new worlds. It has allowed a creativity to flourish that has lain dormant for years. Growing up, I was fearless in directing my siblings and cousins to participate in my ‘plays’ as a child. 

Discovering the NC Senior Games, Literary Arts Competition, I enjoyed the validation of my writings with a few winning entries. Having my first    story published in the Cape Fear Voices was thrilling. I try to contribute regularly. These experiences have given me the confidence to work on a historical fiction piece loosely based on an ancestor, a scout for George Washington at Valley Forge. With 77K words written so far in my  first draft, I am confident that I will soon complete it. Perhaps, even making it all the way to publication.