Hello from England


Gabby Hamilton

My name is Gabby, short for Gabrielle, and I am a 16-year-old currently living in Manchester, England. I am about to go into 6th form (11th Grade). I am happy with the opportunity to write for The Teen Scene. I do have a lot to say, and now I have a place to share with you the experience of growing up in England. 

I struggle with a lot of the same issues as other teens around the world, but I also deal with the fact that I recently came out as gay. Writing might just prove to be a very healthy outlet for me as I am anxious to share my past and my struggles discovering myself at a time when all the other high school struggles and social events come into play. Actually, accepting who I am has blessed me with a peace of mind and mental calm that has been absent for a while.

I hope people, especially the teens, will relate to what I write. I hope this can be a place for exchanging ideas about how we all have our struggles to succeed in class and feel good about ourselves in public. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences of living in the UK.

Right now, I am on the longest school break I have ever had. But when I was in school, I went from 8:30 in the morning until 2:50 in the afternoon, wore a uniform, and took five classes (English, math, science, art, and food tech). This coming year will be a little different. In college (11th Grade), there is no uniform and only courses I want to take. My hours will be very different. I don’t know them yet as college starts in September. Another big change for me will be that I’m not required to stay on campus when I’m not in lessons. In college, I will be taking criminology, sociological, and public services.