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This Place

This Place-d2161a1a

Softly wipes my face, the breeze,
Changing, shifting bouncing she’s
Swift one moment, calm the next,
Imparting presence, rest.

Salty, full the air I breath,
Puffs, rise and fall, dance merrily;
Cirriform clouds spread moisture around,
Aroma abounds…

Foamy white comes and goes,
Rolling upward, inward, down below;
Tide’s constant consist of change,
Playing with moon, wind and rain.

Pelicans, fly five together move,
Slowly, peacefully, meandering glide;
Facing the wind, soaring effortlessly,
Out of sight paralleling the sea.

Splashing, sloshing ocean sea,
Beneath my feet, up to my knee;
Cool water relief, there to please,
Walking the shore, Chandler with me.

Mockingbird trills, repeats, stills,
Teasing rhythmic patterns from its tiny bill.
Confident, loud she chirps her tune,
Lasting only seconds, then moves to new.

Back to the wind, not only feel
Touches dunes, I pause, I hear;
Though unseen, movement does chase,
Constant embrace.

Swiftly wipes my face, the breeze,
Though I see her not, I do believe – 

Author’s Note:  Caswell Beach, June 19, 2021. In August 2021, Emily and Chandler celebrate 25 years of marriage. 
“This Place” was special early on. 

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