A Special Place, Friendship & Honoring A Great Man

Brendon Connelly

My parents and I always love visiting Port Orange, Florida, which is near Daytona Beach, Florida. That is because our special friends, the Marchese’s, live there. We always cherish our visits there.

Our friendship goes back a long way as our families were neighbors in Bergenfield, New Jersey. The Marchese’s then moved to Florida in 1986, one year before I was born. We have been able to remain the best of friends all these years later.

They have always been there for us in time of need. In October 2012, we were out in Green Bay for a Packers game, Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, and thus we could not home. So, we decided to fly to Orlando instead, and we luckily were able to hook up with the Marchese’s in Orlando.

Then again, in September 2018, when Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, we decided to evacuate, and we needed a place to go. We ended up going to Port Orange, Florida, as our friend’s sister owned her own house in the same complex and was out of town at the time, so we were able to use her home.

Our friends, Steve and Marilyn, have been truly soulmates as they have been married for 46 years. They have four sons: Steven, Matthew, Michael, Chris, and six grandchildren: Cash, Cason, Leo, Lorenzo, Olive, and Cora. 

Steve has always been an amazing man. He had several interesting jobs, including owning a hot dog truck, a car dealership, and a moving company. He also loved to cook, especially Italian food.

One of his incredible feats when his son Steve was getting married in Nebraska, he cooked all the food for the wedding and transported it all the way out to Nebraska, and he was the best man at his son’s wedding.

Steve has always had a loving, caring heart, putting others before himself. He always loved spending time with his children, grandchildren, and friends.

Steve also was a very religious man, giving back to his church and community, as he became a focal figure with the Knights of Columbus, getting up to the Fourth Degree. As his wife Marilyn said, he always loved doing God’s Work.

Life was not easy for Steve as he always had heart problems going through several heart attacks, stents, surgeries, and dialysis. However, he did not let this stop him. He kept fighting each and every day. 

Sadly, on July 15th, Steve’s heart said to God: “Ok God, I’m ready to come home to heaven.” We will never forget a man who was always strong and caring and kept fighting each day like it was his last.

He leaves behind a lasting legacy of love and grace, which will feed off his family, friends, and everyone who loved him.

Steve Marchese – An Amazing Man!