North Brunswick High School Journalism Club



Dr. Sullivan, Principal. North Brunswick High School (NBHS), and English Teacher, Mitchell Whaley, are implementing a Journalism Club for the coming school year at NBHS. Mr. Whaley will be the lead teacher for the program that will focus on written journalism and media. Interested students are encouraged to speak with Mr. Whaley about how they can participate.

As part of that program, students participating in the Club will be registered as Freelance Writers for The Teen Scene. They will work with Teen Scene, Inc. to publish a monthly school paper to be published in The Teen Scene. Students do not have to be a member of the NBHS Journalism to become a Freelance writer for The Teen Scene. All students who interested in publishing their writing, art, poetry, or photography are welcome to participate, irrespective of their school affiliation. (Go to Teen Scene Signup – Cape Fear Voices and The Teen Scene for a registration form).