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Super Smash Brothers – A Review

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Dan Dodge

I think Super Smash Brothers is an awesome game with many character options and fits any playstyle. The player first chooses a character such as Mario or Link and then, if they play against the ai, they can select the ai’s character or make it random. The game is very fast-paced, and it can be very competitive. There are tournaments worldwide where competitors can make money, learn from their mistakes, and meet other players. 

I play Lucario the most because it is one of the most complicated characters to learn, and I don’t think I’m half bad. “It is a very enjoyable game, and it gets more action-packed the more players you add,” says Blake Laitinen. They update every so often, so there are new characters added consistently. The new characters can be from a variety of games. I’m going to give a review about Lucario because he is the character that I play the most. 

Lucario is altogether decently fast, but his attacks that K.O. is slow. If you play it, you most likely will want to play draw-out and trap techniques. It isn’t an up-close character but more of a mid-range character. His special moves are aura sphere, force palm, double team, and extreme speed. Aura sphere is a projectile that varies in damage. Force palm is a grab and then a punch. Double team is a counter where your opponent hits a copy of yourself, and you come from behind and attack. Extreme speed is a ridiculously good recovery that does 1-2 damage to an opponent. Its aerials are pretty good, and his back aerial is one of the best in the game because it can K.O. early in the game. Aura is a function Lucario has that the more damage you take, the more damage you deal.

I give this character a 7/10 for speed, 10/10 for power at the full aura, and 4/10 for defense because it is really light. I give him an 8/10 on special moves and a 6/10 on his final sash because it doesn’t kill at low percents as most other characters do.

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