How To Express Yourself Artistically

Grace DeBenedetto

A few different ways to express yourself through art.

There are all kinds of different ways to express yourself artistically. Every­one has different person­alities and different ways of expressing themselves through art.

 Start Exploring

By finding new things you love to do. By just sitting around waiting for it to come to you, you won’t achieve new things in life. Start creating new things by simply doodling or writing in a journal.

 Find Inspiration

Inspiration is one thing that will get you started and a great way to express yourself whether it be act­ing or comedy. There will always be that moment of “ah-ha” when you find what inspires you.


Try just turning on some music and just dance to feel the music. Dancing is an amazing way to express yourself by the way you feel just by doing some simple moves.


Painting is great for people who love art and use visuality to express them­selves. The painting also helps show others who you are by just free-handing an amazing painting.


The kind of music you listen to and the artist you listen to really can show a person who you are. You can even make your music and that is also an amazing way to express your feel­ings and who you are as a person.

Those are only just a few ways to express your­self through art. Getting out there and showing peo­ple what you love to do is an amazing way to express yourself and show your confidence.