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Change Can Be Good

Dan Dodge

The Fall season is here. And even though I am a summer and beach guy at heart, the change of seasons is a reminder for me that change happens, and that change can be good.

Is there something in your life that needs to change? A family challenge? A relationship challenge? Something work related? Or some other life situation that has you feeling badly or negatively?

The truth is that these challenges (and most others that you experience) can come with many negative emotions and feelings, and they can be strong — and strong enough to keep you living your challenge. Things like anxiety, fear, guilt, pity, stress, and worry, can keep you from changing whatever needs to change. So you don’t change it, you don’t break the cycle, and whatever “it” is continues.


Do you see yourself in this picture?

The truth is you can change whatever needs to change, and it starts with you.

The “S” in H A B I T S, the ingredients in Chuck’s Lemonade, is for Service, as in love and serve, yourself, and others. Notice “yourself” is before “others”. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not selfish. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. You shouldn’t worry about it. Because the best “lovers” know how to love themselves, and others.

Many only worry about others. It is what you are conditioned to think. I say this thinking is flawed. Because to truly have what you need to love and serve others — and do it from a place of pure joy (real love, not love from guilt, pity, or any other negative emotion or feeling), you must love and serve yourself too.

Yesterday’s eyes used to struggle with this concept. Much of my upbringing, conditioning, and what I was taught by role models, was different. I was strongly influenced by anxiety and guilt, and this caused me to feel a lot of stress and worry all the time. It may have benefited others that got what they needed or wanted from me, but it wasn’t good for me.

Today’s eyes know better. They know that the real and true path to joy, love, and peace, starts within me. By serving me and my needs and changing whatever I need to change (for me.) No guilt. No stress. No worry. Because when I do this, I have more of what I need to love and serve others, and from a place of pure love and pure joy. And what a great love that is. I highly recommend you try it!

What’s the secret? It’s really no secret at all. It’s all within H A B I T S, the ingredients in Chuck’s Lemonade. Honesty. Acceptance. Beach. Inspiration. Trust. Service. Tough habits, but great habits for loving and serving yourself, and others, and changing whatever you need to change (for you).

Think about it.

Chuck Schwartz is the author of “Chuck’s Lemonade, A Recipe for Inspired Thinking and Living” and The Chuck’s Lemonade Collection of inspirational books, journals, presentations and more, all designed to help you think better so you can live better.


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