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An Unbelievable Feel-Good Story

An Unbelievable Feel-Good Story
Dan Dodge

I would like to share with you an unbelievable feel-good story that happened to my brother Bryan, sister-in-law Deana, my niece Emmaline and nephews Grady, Ean & Declan on their recent trip to North Carolina from New Jersey this summer.

It seemed like everything was going fine, however, once they got into Virginia, Bryan called my mother to give us an update on their progress. He said everything was going well except that their car carrier which had been strapped on top of their car was gone. Most of their clothes and the kids’ buddies appeared to be gone, never to be seen again.

Once they got here, the next day my parents took them out shopping for clothes.

A few weeks later, my father got a phone call from a young woman, Jennifer, who lives in our old house in Harrington Park, New Jersey. She received a letter in the mail intended for my father from a woman, Yolonda,  from Maryland, asking if we were missing luggage.

Yolonda and her husband were driving back from New Jersey and saw the car carrier off on the shoulder of the parkway. Yolanda’s husband pulled over to take a look at it and once he saw it had children’s stuffed animals in it, he decided they better retrieve it and find the owner.

They saw my brother had asthma medicine in it and he still had our old address in Harrington Park on it. Yolanda did extensive research to find our family. Once Yolanda retrieved Bryan’s asthma prescription, she called CVS Pharmacy asking them to help her locate Bryan. After CVS was unable to help her, she then decided to write the letter.

Once we found out they live in Maryland, we asked my brother Tom who lives in Virginia to go up to their house and pick up the luggage.

A few days later, my brother Bryan drove to my brother Tom’s place in Virginia to finally pick up their luggage which they thought they would never see again.

It just goes to show there still are really nice people out there in the world and miracles can happen.

The buddies are safe and sound back at home in New Jersey!

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Brendan Connelly, Contributing Writer
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