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He is Funny, He is Bald!

He is Funny, He is Bald!
Dan Dodge

Mr. Christian Clark is the student-centered and very funny new addition to the Firebird Family. The 6’2” teacher shared with us that when he was 13 years old a doctor told him that he would not grow anymore.

On October 5, 2021, Mr. Clark was interviewed by Nathanial Brown (Freshman) and Margie Steve (Junior). While interviewing Mr. Clark they found out some interesting and fun things about him from him, his students and the faculty and staff here at Brunswick County Early College High School.

Article co-authored by Nathanial Brown

Mr. Clark teaches World History to the freshmen of ECHS and he loves it. Margie and Nathanial asked him questions during the interview and here are his responses. 

Question: “What was your inspiration to teach, especially at an early college?”

Answer: “My love for thinking about why human beings do the things they do.”

Question: “What is a goal for you and your students?”

Answer: “to enjoy the time here and for them to gain a new perspective of the world.”

Students and staff were interviewed as well and here are their responses to why Mr. Clark has been chosen to be the teacher of the month of November.

Alex Sellers (freshman): “He has a good way of teaching that keeps the students engaged,”

Katie Truong (Freshman): “Mr. Clark has the best personality and has the best hairstyle”

Other people like the principal here at early college high school, Ms. Absher said “I like that he is energetic and loves what he teaches.”

Mr. Ford and Mr. Clark have been able to get to know each other very well as they are both first-year teachers here at ECHS. Mr. Ford said “Mr. Clark is relaxed and personable, he is like my skinny, tall brother from another mother. He is flexible and he has a calm demeanor.”

Mr. Orrock, the Assistant Principal at BCECHS said “Mr. Clark is a wonderful and dedicated educator, he is definitely student centered and tries to create lessons and engages students and ensures their success within his class.”

Did you Know?

Did you know that Mr. Clark has tattoos on his arm? What do the tattoos represent, you may ask? Mr. Clark’s tattoos represent people and symbols from history. He has many tattoos on his arm including a symbol that represents two different cultures, Anubis weighing the souls of the dead, and the Athenian Owl from the City of Greece that represents wisdom of the people. Notice the yin and yang symbol in the eye of Horus (Egyptian mythology)? How cool is that?

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