Gator Pride

Kennedy Lufholm

Myrtle Grove Middle School

I think it’s kind of cool

When I first came here, I was filled with dread

But now I’d rather be here instead

The people are nice here

And now I have no fear and I can be who I am instead

Not getting made fun of my clothes

Or the style of hair that I chose

Everyone is free to be them

The teachers are fun

Even when work has begun

And you’ll be done

Before you even know it

The custodians work to keep things clean

Even though it’s sometimes unseen

And the cafeteria workers make our meals

Let’s make them their own so they know how good we feel

Just know that you are appreciated.

And the principals keep up with everything

I still don’t know how they do those things

But if you came here to Myrtle Grove Middle School

I think you too would come to think it’s cool.