A Site of Civil War History

Nathanial Brown, 10th Grader at BCECHS

The Civil War was a time of division and inequality. The War contained over 65 registered battle sites, one of which is located just 35 minutes from Brunswick Community College’s campus. Fort Anderson, as it is known (known as Brunswick Town in revolutionary times), was a significant part of the Confederate States of America’s battle against the Union.

In 1776 the first permanent settlement in the Cape Fear region was established; they called this Brunswick Town. Less than 150 years later, the remains of the town were being flipped upside down to transform this area into Fort Anderson, an important battle site in the Civil War.

In 1863 the Battle of Fort Anderson, also known as the Battle of Deep Gully, took place on these grounds. Led by Rear Admiral Alexander Murray of the Union and General Daniel Harvey Hill of the Confederacy, the battle was one of the shortest of the War, only lasting two days. The battle resulted in 2 Union and 2 Confederate soldiers’ death, with 25 soldiers injured altogether.