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Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True
Dan Dodge

She came from East Columbus High School up to Brunswick County Early College High School to teach at her dream school. Ms. Angela Mabry is a new teacher here at BCECHS, replacing Ms. Angela Jordan. Her first day with the students was on October 11, 2021, and has already made a large impact on the math III students that she teaches.

While Ms. Mabry was being interviewed, she revealed why this school has been her dream school to teach along with many other things about her from her, students, and the faculty here at Brunswick County Early College High School.

Ms. Mabry’s response to her background is, “ Teaching is my second career. I graduated from UNC,¨ she says. ¨I graduated in business and accounting, and my first job was in banking. After having kids, I’ve always talked about wanting to be a teacher so I went back to get all the credits to become one. I have been teaching for 13 years in math.”

For Ms. Mabry, teaching at an early college ¨has been a dream job. My kids had been a part of Brunswick County and were dual enrollment students and I wanted to be with higher caliber students. I have been wanting to teach here for about 3 years and have seen advertisements for the school in those years.

Ms. Mabry´s goal for her students is “to help prepare you guys for the next step: college, career, etc.

As a new Firebird, Ms. Mabry´s goal is “to be a teacher who can encourage students who can grow not only their math skills but in life skills and help prepare them for the future.”

Students and staff were interviewed as well and here are their responses to why Ms. Mabry has been chosen to be the teacher of the month for December.

Sophomore Mia Cicatello says, “I’m just glad she came in because she helped make logarithms easy and put us back on track.”

Principal Denise Absher says “It is impressive to see how she was able to come in and work with the students. She seemed to fit right in from the beginning. Her enthusiasm about collaborating with our staff is also another sign that she fits in perfectly.”

Assistant principal Chris Orrock agrees. “Ms. Mabry is a new teacher at ECHS but has not missed a beat. Her dedication to the success of our students is already per parent. Ms. Mabry has already made a difference in the students here at ECHS.”

English Teacher Megan Smith said “She is a well-experienced teacher and very open-minded to early college. I’m very excited to have her a part of our team.”

Did You Know?

Did you know that Ms. Mabry went to school with Michael Jordan? Ms.Mabry went to UNC the same time Michael Jordan was there and they had a U.S. History class together in the second semester in 1984. Ms. Mabry described Michael Jordan as he wasn’t just a great athlete, but also just a down-to-earth guy who was very friendly, funny, and showed up to class almost every day.

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