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Josie’s Story

Josies Story
Dan Dodge

“Josie’s Story: A Mother’s Inspiring Crusade to Make Medical Care Safe” by Sorrel King tells the tragic real-life story of Josie King, an eighteen-month-old baby girl, whose avoidable death inspired her mother to create the change hospitals all around the world needed.

This story is real, heart wrenching and moving. A perfect option for those looking for a real story of grief, family, and change. King allows the audience to follow her in her grief and into her new life as a national patient safety advocate. King does an excellent job of taking us along with her. Being able to read and understand her feelings as she lives through these monumental events in her life is quite an opportunity. She also provides a deeper understanding of medical systems and hospital hierarchies, never really leaving the reader in the dark. King brings an emotional connection to the medical field, a connection between the family and the medical team.

As limited as the negatives are, there are some. King’s writing style is blunt and straightforward, this may affect those of fainter heart. She also possesses an air of bias throughout most of her story. Fortunately, it does not affect her writing and is completely understandable given her situation at the time.

As heartbreaking as Josie’s story is, I loved it. It pushes a beautiful message of hope and change that touched my heart. Sorrels’ journey through loss, court, fame and family is beautiful, and one of the most human things I have ever read. I seriously recommend this book.

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