Sports-It’s Not for Everyone

Delilah Miller

Sports are something fun for all ages. There’s a sport for everyone like soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, racing, tennis, etc. I know sports are not for everyone, and some do not enjoy them. Personally, I do not play or learn how to play many sports, but I do enjoy tennis, and maybe my friend doesn’t because he prefers volleyball.

It’s just all up to perspective and opinion, and some even dislike sports as a whole, but that’s totally normal. It’s just entirely an opinion. I see sports as another way to express yourself and have fun, and you don’t even have to be good at it. What makes a game of, say, basketball fun or a good game isn’t because you’re winning or you’re good at the game. It makes it a good game if you’re just having fun and trying your hardest. That’s what I’ve always said and will continue to say.