Spotlight on Drill Team

Courtney Weston

When people hear Drill Team, most people think of the performers that go on during halftime at football games at some schools, but here at West, it’s a different kind of team. Our Drill team is part of the ROTC program.

When joining the ROTC class, you are presented with three different options for teams; the Drill, Raiders, and Rifle teams. While each team does something that prepares you for a future in the military, Drill is usually the first and best choice because it teaches the different formations, skills, and anything else one might need for a future in the military.

“So, in Drill, basically what we do is we march around,” said sophomore Ariana McClure. “So, for girls, we have a girls’ expedition, and it’s like stepping and making sure you have rhythm. We also have a Color guard where we raise the flags.”

The Drill team is the biggest and most complex team between the three. It is split into men and women, focusing on different aspects. The men mainly focus on marching and staying together while carrying the rifles and flags, while the women concentrate more on choreographed stepping and concentrate on the arm movements that go along with their competition routine.

“It was the biggest out of all the teams,” said senior Jonathan Rodriguez. “It be one of the harder teams for sure.”

The team tries to compete in a competition at least once a month with a routine that highlights the different things that they practice. The team has won several of these competitions, sending them to Best of the best Drill and rifle in Hickory, NC, where they will compete against some of the best teams in North Carolina. “Competitions are great, “said McClure. “They show who the most disciplined teams are.”

* Cover photo by:  by Courtney Weston