Alexander Hamilton

Keiran Daniels

Alexander Hamilton was born 266 years ago on January 11, 1755. one of the founding fathers Alexander Hamilton was born in the British West Indians; Mother I have two reasons why I wanted to write this article.

One, because my History teacher; Ron Watson, does not like the man and secondly, Alexander Hamilton was the one who created and helped in many ways but to me he led himself to his own death.

At age eleven his father left him and his mother due to debt and due to a hurricane, His mother passed; Moving in with a cousin until he committed suicide then he was alone. When he got to America and fought in the revolutionary war, Serving as Washington’s advisor or right hand man. Once they won and let George Washington became president he chose the Federalist, Alexander Hamilton as his secretary of Treasury.

During the revolutionary war he had met his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton; She was known for making the first private orphanage in New York city. Hamilton’s first son, Philip Hamilton died in a duel after a well known article called the “The Reynolds Pamphlet” explaining how Alexander had an affair with Maria Reynolds. He died when the election of 1800 happened, Hamilton convincing his federalist party to vote for Thomas Jefferson instead of his well known Federalist, Aaron Burr challenged him to duel that he last too and died the next day.