New Book Vending Machine

Gabriel Duran

Leland middle school has just given students an amazing addition to the school. A book vending machine for all students to access. School staff will be giving out coins for good behavior. Students can use those coins to get abook from the vending machine. Giving students the opportunity to read without having to buy a book is great!


The book vending machine is located next to the gym so it’s easy for students to find. The Battle of the Books Club donated the funds to make the purchase from their canceled trip to Broadway in 2020! They will be changing the book selection every now and then so students that don’t like the selection will have another chance to get a book they enjoy.   

A special thanks to the Battle of the Books Group and to all the school staff for making this possible!

*Cover Photo: Students with their first books after using coins given to them for doing a good deed at school

Principal Dr. Kim McDuffie and Brunswick County School Board member Gerald Benton, Jr.