One of A Kind

Margie Steve

She is a teacher who every student and faculty here at Brunswick Early College High School knows that they can go to if needed. She is not only an American History I and II teacher, but she truly is one to listen to students and her co-workers’ voices. She deeply cares about everyone’s mental health and is willing to sit and listen to students’ needs.

Students and teachers agree that you don’t have to be afraid to talk about something or a particular subject that some may feel uncomfortable. The openness to discuss feelings and thoughts within her classroom allows students to use critical thinking and think outside of what is being taught. Many students enjoy being in her class because it is a class like no other. Her name is Sarah Osborne.

While Mrs. Osborne was being interviewed, she revealed why she chose to be a teacher and what inspired her.  Mrs. Osborne said “My inspiration to work at an Early College was that it was the only school that would hire a brand new out of college teacher. HA, but I’ve fallen in love with the mission and vision of Early College and the particular demographic and type of students we serve. Early College kids are the BEST! My inspiration for becoming a teacher came in high school when I fell in love with American History and wanted to foster that same love and curiosity in other high school students!”

Mrs. Osborne’s goal “is to teach students how to hear, learn, and analyze multiple perspectives on any issues, be able to empathize with multiple sides, and use critical thinking to decide where they land on an issue.  My goal and dream would be for them to develop their opinions on issues, and be able to share them with other people in a kind and respectful way.”

Ms. Megan Smith, a former student of Mrs. Osborne’s and now English teacher at BCECHS, said, “Ms. Osborne is my role model as a teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of being her student and now her co-worker. She is passionate about her subject, well-organized, and incredibly compassionate. Brunswick Early College High School  is lucky to have her.”

Ms. Schrode, a former math teacher here at BECHS says, “Mrs. Osborne is a person you can always count on, a friend, and colleague. She is tough, but fair.”

Mrs. Absher, the principal of BECHS says “She is very passionate about teaching. Students not only learn about History but how to be successful in life. She cares deeply about her students and holds very high expectations. I am so grateful to have her here. She is like the ultimate teaching professional and I love that about her.”

Kaylin Stevenson, a junior, says “I like how honest and caring she is.”

Ryan Cooley, a junior, says, “I like how she actually cares about the subject she is teaching and knows what she is talking about. Also, I like how she adds real emotion to each lesson.”

Kaylan Horne, a junior, says, “she is very enthusiastic. I can not sit in class and be lectured; my ADHD can not tolerate it. The way she teaches allows us to elaborate together, and interactive activities help me learn better and understand History differently.

Alise White, a Success Teacher, said, “…history can be so boring, but she makes me want to take her class and learn about it.”

Mrs. Osborne is an extraordinarily talented teacher that you don’t always see. That is why she has been chosen to be the teacher of the month for January. The Firebird family hopes to have Mrs. Osborne and her rare gifts for a long time.