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Cedar Grove Middle School


Tonya Washington: (8th grader):
Tonya is always kind and respectful to everyone. She works hard, gets her assignments done, and asks for help.

Ryan Hobbs (8th grader):
Ryan is a pleasure to have in all classes. He gets his work done, is respectful to others, and is willing to ask for help when he needs it.

Carson Metcalf: (7th grader):
Carson has worked hard to improve his Science and Social Studies grades. He asks good questions, participates in discussions and helps other students. He is respectful and enjoyable to have in class. We are proud of his motivation.

Josiah Anaele-Dibia (7th Grader):
Josiah is always cheerful, comes to class prepared, gets along well with other students, and works hard every day.

Claire Branch (6th grader):
Claire is an excellent artist and a fantastic student! She is always on task and goes above and beyond on all assignments.

Zachary Justice: (6th grader):
Zachary is an excellent artist and a fantastic student! He is always on task and puts 100% into all of his projects.

Alexa Rabanales Mejia(6th Grader):
Alexa works so hard, not just on her academics, but on her social interactions as well. She consistently completes tasks on time, and to the best of her ability, and treats her classmates with kindness and respect. Alexa also makes us proud in the CGMS band, where she plays the flute. Keep up the awesome work, Alexa, you’re going places!

Raleigh Winslow (6th Grader): Raleigh has really risen to the challenges of sixth grade, and done it with a great attitude! He takes personal responsibility for his assignments, is not afraid to ask questions, and is determined to succeed! You’re making magic happen, Raleigh! We’re proud of you, and you should be too!

Elizabeth High (6th grader): Lizzie is a very respectful student. She is fun and full of energy and always tries her hardest at everything. She is a good friend to her classmates. She is a joy to have in class!

Way to go Bulldogs! We are proud of you!

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