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I remember that girl all too well- her lovely eyes that were the color of a warm sun, the way her ebony colored hair flew in the gentle breeze and the way her scent clouded my nose. As much as I wish to be closer to her in this world, other people are trying to keep her from me. They’re trying to keep my darling away from a world of delight and bliss that only I can give her.

Men and women alike want to take away something that isn’t theirs to lay a hand upon. It disgusts me. It even hurts me to know they would try such a tactic against my darling.

I’ve been watching my darling for a while and seeing how she talks to her friends. Those thieves that wish for nothing but her innocent love- the love I wish to have so dearly all to myself. She is so naive. She’s blind to their charms.

I kept watch of her throughout the day as I followed her home from the sidelines. I kept watch of her, making sure nothing could happen to her and that no one else could harm her. The deep love I have for this girl is everything to me. I’d never loved a person this much until I met her- until I met Aislinn. Ah, the name even brings such joy to me when I hear it.

I want to make her mine. I want her to be mine and mine alone. She doesn’t need anyone else but me. I can give her the world that she needs. I can be her caretaker and I’ll hold and care for her until the end of time.

I won’t stop until she is mine. I’ll do whatever it takes for her to fall into my arms, even if it means I have to go to extreme measures, and act like I cared for those she’s grown close to.

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