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The Barn

The Barn
Gerald Decker

The Barn

Viola Brown 7th Grade

We passed this old barn during our family trip, and I started to wonder who lived there? What was in the old barn? Is it still useful? I wondered if I were to explore it, would it hold up while I was in it?

I asked my parents that night if I could explore the old barn we passed today. They readily agreed.

The next day after taking our showers and getting ready for the day, I screamed out, ¨IT’S TIME!!” ¨We haven’t had breakfast yet!” cried my brother. “There’s no time,” I replied. We’re on our way to the old barn.

¨Where is it?” I asked. “It’s been an hour now. It was just there yesterday?!¨

At that moment, I realized that it was a magic barn and not just any other ordinary barn. We got out of the car and explored the area. After all of us had hopped over the old rusted gate, I took one step, and my heart started racing! As I looked up, there was the old barn sitting on a beautiful farm, and it looked like it had new paint!

My parents asked, “what do you see?” ¨I see a beautiful farm,” I replied. ¨There’s nothing there,” they said. Then I realized that the barn isn’t magic, I can see the past!!


The Barn

Erica Cook 7th Grade

As I looked out the window, the cars going back and forth, the barn looked like the building equivalent of rust. It looks haunted. I can imagine ghosts running back and forth and giant greasy rats nibbling on the old crumbs. How long had it been there? How much has it seen? Could it tell me the story of time?

The roof looked….like a bike that had been left in the rain for the last 30 years could probably use some oil. But in a way, it seems like a spot that a werewolf would live. I shuddered at the thought of how many kids got splinters there. Could it have been someone’s old paradise, maybe a memory? Did it catch on fire? Was everyone ok? All the questions raced through my head and into my heart. It made me sad for something that wasn’t mine nor could ever be.

Yet it looked old and peaceful now. Whose barn was it? What animals did they have? How were they doing? Did they even have any animals at all? I sighed. It looked like the perfect example of weather and time. I wonder if anyone even remembers it at all. Tears welled in my eyes. It looked sad yet, in a way, happy. Did it feel like that?


The Barn

Alayia Durant 7th Grade

As I am driving down the road, I see a barn. It looks like a pile of trash. I take a picture and wonder what happened with the barn. I’m surprised that whoever owned the old barn had not been torn down.

I keep looking at the barn, and questions start popping up in my mind. I get out of the car to look at the barn. I think it once was used as a playhouse, to be honest. I can picture it in my mind, kids laughing and running in and out of the barn with big smiles on their faces. Playing hide and seek with their friends, hiding from their parents. That’s what I think of when I see that barn.

The Barn

Charlie Sedbrook 8th Grade

Back in the 1960s, the Ogilvies built a family barn; well, that’s what my grandmother told me. She said that they were a big family of 5. But later on, they all passed away because of the Aberdeen Typhoid outbreak.

It is a sad story, actually. Apparently, the mother, Abby Ogilvie, got the sickness first out of the bunch, and then the whole family got it one by one. Over a span of a couple of months, they all passed away.

Now, every time my grandmother and I come down this road, we see this barn and lay flowers at the front gate to show our respect.

The Barn 

Gabriel Taylor 7 Grade

Recently there have been two kids that had gone missing. I was on my way to my grandpa’s house until I saw this old, run-down barn, and I decided to look at what was in there.

As I was approaching the barn, I reached from my phone just as the screen lit up, reading ¨TWO KIDS MISSING SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 IF FOUND, please get in touch with 911 REWARD IF FOUNDED.” I got chills. These kids had been missing for months! I tried to forget about the missing kids, but I had a feeling I would find them.

The smell of the barn hit me the closer I got. It had the aroma of old nails, animal poop, and dead plants! I saw this light that beamed above me. I looked up to see a tiny window and an old rusted latter. I was deciding if I should climb the ladder or go home. I looked around to see it was empty.

My grandpa called me, “where are you, Gabby?” I told him that I had stopped at the store and was almost home! “Ok, see ya.” It was then I noticed that my hands started to bleed. I was on the last step of the ladder. I looked all around, and three bags caught my eye.

I put all of my stuff down and wiped my bleeding hands on my sweatpants. I walked slowly to the bags. I looked out the window in front of me and saw a man, in all black, rushing from the woods toward the barn. I ripped the first bag open to see a body of a girl. My heart dropped as I ran to my phone and looked at the amber alert. It was then I realized THIS IS ONE OF THE MISSING KIDS! I opened the next bag; it was another kid matching the amber alert. The third bag was filled with weapons bloody weapons. I grabbed all three bags and dropped them down to the exit. I put them in my trunk and drove away. The next day, I went to the police station, and I told them I saw someone in the woods also, little did I know that it was the murderer.

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Gerald Decker
Gerald Decker, Founder, President
Gerald Decker is a 4-year Navy veteran with four tours to Vietnam between 1968-1971. Gerald earned a Master’s Degree from George Washington University. He worked for nine years as a U. S. Senate staffer after college and later as a Senior Manager for a small business lobby organization. Gerald also taught Political Science at the high school and college levels. He is a certified trainer in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Gerald founded Athens/Oconee Adult Baseball, Decker Diamonds, the Leland VFW Post 12196, and Teen Scene, Inc. In addition to his work with Teen Scene, Gerald is founder and Past Commander of the Leland VFW Post 12196. The Post was the Mayor's Choice of Citizen of the Year in 2020 and was ranked #5 in the nation for 2022-2023. Since 2020, Gerald has co-written two books. The first was about his good friend and WWII veteran Alex Moskowitz. The second was published by Teen Scene, Inc. in Oct. 2021, entitled "The Great Lockdown of 2020: An Anthology." Gerald is still married to his high school girlfriend (55 years) and has two children and three grandchildren. Following a 15-year hobby of playing catcher in a men’s adult fast-pitch baseball league, his hobbies now include heating pads, grandchildren, and genealogy. Teen Scene and VFW are not hobbies. They are passions.