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The River

One day, I went with my dad to go fishing. We saw so many fish, and my dad helped me reel in a big fish that we ended up eating for dinner.

The next morning, I told my dad I had so much fun that I wanted to go fishing again. We saw many different kinds of fish, and I had a lot of fun. The best thing I saw was a shiny blue fish that I caught with my dad’s fishing net. I asked my dad to take a picture. He had a confused look on his face but then he took a picture.

Later, I was playing games on my dad’s phone and I wanted to look back at the pictures we took of the fish. I was scrolling through my dad’s pictures of us until I found the picture of me and the shiny blue fish. Except the shiny blue fish wasn’t there. I wanted to go fishing for another day because I was confused about the fish not being in the picture. My dad let me go fishing one more day. I kept fishing until I caught the shiny blue fish again!

I told my dad to take a picture but he said “There isn’t a fish on that hook.” I said “it’s right there” as I pointed to the fish. My dad asked “Do you see a fish on that hook?”. I said yes, and realized it might be my imagination.

(editor’s note: sounds like the makings of a true fisherman.)

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