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From Chiropracting/Marine Science to a Teacher

Originally going to school to become a chiropractor or majoring in marine science, Mr. Ford has changed the major in pursuing education instead. While coaching girls’ lacrosse and middle and high school football in college, he loved seeing kids reaching their goals on the field.


This teacher had explored so many different opportunities such as studying abroad in the Dominican Republic in marine science. After teaching some English and Science classes for a few days a week in the Dominican Republic, he realized that he wanted to either pursue marine science or education. His name is Benjamin Ford.


Mr. Ford is a new science teacher at Brunswick Early College High School. Mr. Ford’s inspiration to become a teacher was “students who really work hard and have the maturity/responsibility in their futures while also being positive”. His goal as a teacher here “is to change the curriculum in Science to make it inspire learning, develop skills, provide experiences to better equip my students to be successful in this very competitive and rapidly evolving/changing world.”


Mr. Ford says what makes Early college different from other high schools is that “other high schools cause many students to “get lost” in the crowd with very populated classes, hallways, cafeterias, etc. It also differs in students maturing more quickly due to higher expectations of effort, behavior, and given more responsibility for themselves and their learning. Early colleges also provide more support toward life & professional skills, as well as better student/teacher positive learning relationships due to smaller class sizes”.


Mrs. Absher, the principal of Brunswick Early College High School, said “He is a scientist and is passionate about his subject.” He loves science and he makes science alive for the students. Mr. Ford enjoys building relationships with the students inside and outside of the classroom setting. Mr. Ford is a great listener because a lot of kids have great ideas and he helps to navigate students into creating something cool.

Did you Know 

Did you know that Mr. Ford has so many cool experiences with marine life and fishing? Not only is Mr. Ford a US Coast Guard Certified Captain, but he also dove with humpback whales, whale sharks, manatees, and many other marine organisms. The largest fish Mr. Ford has caught was a 355 lb Bluefin tuna, the longest was most likely a 9-foot blue shark or a 7-foot white marlin. He also has published a cookbook with his mom and other family member’s recipes to preserve

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