5MCU Spider-Man Trilogy Review

Parker Barnhill

We start with Peter Parker in the back seat of what looks to be a Honda Acura with everyone’s happiest person Happy Hogan. Fast Forward a little bit, and we see the behind-the-scenes of the Civil War Movie. Fast forward even further, Peter is in school and does this after-school “Stark Internship,” aka being Spider-Man.
A mysterious explosion happens, and BAM, we are introduced to our Antagonist, The Vulture. It turns out the Vulture was a part of damage control and got fired a few years back. But after a few fights and a few heartfelt Iron Man moments, we finish the movie on Coney Island; our plane crashed, and Spider-Man saves the day.
The significant parts are done very well, and I like that one of the main themes is that Peter is tired of being the “little kid” and wants to sit at the grown-up table with the Avengers. Also, a great reference to the original Spider-man comic is when Peter writes the word Spider-Man. He leaves a dash, and he never has room to write the full name on the same line.
Shout out to the Canadian Lad for that one. Check him out on Youtube if you love your marvel! One issue with the movie is that they have the character, Liz. There isn’t much plot development with her as Peter’s date or whatever they were trying to push, and I think it lacks and trying to make it as a B plot takes from the movie. Other than that, there isn’t that much wrong with the movie.