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Why does it cost to get a good education?

Many young people do not go to college, and many do not finish with a degree. It is not a simple issue of not wanting to go or finish, and they can’t pay for college. A good education in America today costs a lot of money. But why does it cost so much?

I often ask myself, why do the people who want to learn and want an education have to incur thousands of dollars of debt to get a few years of education? I still do not have an answer. For many, a couple of years is is what they wanted. They want to go back and do more, but the system isn’t fair for those who don’t have that kind of money. An average person doesn’t have that kind of money at hand.

When you think about going to college, the first thing you think of is the amount it will cost you personally. That is what I think of right off the bat. It is unfair to many who want to get an excellent education but cannot because they simply don’t have the money. I know there are scholarships, but not everyone can get one, and not everyone will qualify.

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