Serving The Community

Margie Steve, Shallotte

The South Brunswick Interchurch Council (SBIC) comes together every Saturday at Camp United Methodist Church located on 4807 Mainstreet in Shallotte, North Carolina. Together, all 14 local churches have created “The Lord’s Food Pantry.” The Lord’s Food Pantry helps those in Brunswick County who are in need of nutritious food, personal supplies, and other necessities.

In 1981, The SBIC was formed. Shallotte First Baptist, Camp United Methodist, St. James the Fisherman Episcopal, and Calvary Baptist were the first churches. Katherine Shawyer, Dr. Dan Smith, William Potts, and Rev. and Mrs. Bill Greer were among the early organizers who worked to help this demographic and encourage other churches’ engagement.

With the help of volunteers, local businesses, and members of the SBIC, The Lord’s Food Pantry is able to be open every Saturday from 10am to noon to anyone who resides in Brunswick County. SBIC isn’t just involved with The Lords Food Pantry but also helps out with events within Brunswick County to help bring awareness to hunger.

Every Saturday many people from the community line up to sign in, get asked what they need from a list of extra goods, then wait for the members and volunteers to put their needs and goods into their cars.

Behind the scenes many people are working hard to pick up foods from stores like Panera Bread, Starbucks, Lowes, and many more. Otherwise, they use their grants to stock up the pantry with canned goods from local grocery stores or donations from schools, and the community.

David Green who has been working at The Lord’s Food Pantry says that he has seen many changes and influences in young people like Jacob Lolley and Kaitlyn Steve. Jacob and Kaitlyn are one of the few young people who volunteer and play a big role in making it possible for everyone to get in and out with food loaded up in their cars for the weekend. David also mentioned that Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) is another huge food pantry that is located in Shallotte and is open Monday through Friday.

David said that Jacob Lolley has been the most consistent in making sure everyone is signed in to pick up food, register new people, and said that “he certainly has the most important job.” David mentioned that because Jacob is using data skills and interviewing skills it will help him tremendously in his future career. “Jacob shows up every month and has made a commitment which shows a true responsible young adult, which is key for our future”.

Kaitlyn Steve helps with meat orders, helps take out loads of bags out to the tables to be handed out, and helps set up. David Green said that the volunteers are helping to meet the needs of our community, it makes them feel more empathetic in the long run by seeing the need and knowing that they are helping to make that difference.

For more information about The Lord’s Food pantry or how to volunteer visit or email to [email protected]. Check out the SBIC Facebook page and Instagram (lordsfoodpantry) which can be found on their website or by searching South Brunswick Interchurch Council (SBIC) on Facebook for more information about food banks and other programs offered by SBIC.