Cuphead Show Review

Keiran Daniels

It’s safe to say that Netflix has come out with some pretty good shows, including Arcane, Squid Game, Lucifer and more. On February 18th, Netflix came out with, “The Cuphead Show,” and dropped their first batch of episodes. In my opinion, it had good episodes. They made it kid friendly and gave the fans what they wanted to see in the characters.

As we know from the game however, it is an entirely different plot from what we saw portrayed in the blotch of 12 episodes. In the game the two main characters, Cuphead and Mugman, enter ‘Devil’s casino’ where Cuphead was winning. He was getting greedy and made a bet with the Devil for riches but if he lost, they would both lose their souls to the Devil.

Low and behold, he lost! Cuphead was sent on a mission to get debtors who stole their soul contracts.

It’s a great game. but focusing on the show when you watch the main plot, you see the Devil is trying to get Cuphead’s soul after his carnival game was supposed to collect it. The show so far has given us funny scenes, good character designers and more.

More episodes of season one for the show is said to be released in the summer of this year; I enjoy how the show is going and the show is for ages 7+ so a great family show to watch!