Woman As One

Riley Grissett

Women have been through trials and tribulations to get to where they are today. They’ve been through suffrage, abusive situations, and even been at war amongst themselves. Still today they are at war. Women tend to categorize themselves into groups that don’t mingle with one another. I think what we fail to realize is we are the sisterhood of women; we are stronger when we’re together. We go through the same troubles, thoughts, and feelings.

“There’s power and confidence in numbers,” said senior Megan Ybarra. “Women are going to feel more empowered to speak their voice and stand up for a cause when there are people who have their backs.”

Insecurities in women can run deep, especially in teenagers. It is no surprise that, overall, teenage girls are most pitted against each other. Due to social media, we tend to see a rise in disrespectful behavior towards one another in a competitive manner. Then we take this “competition” from behind the screen and bring it into real life; this results in teenagers tearing each other apart.

“I don’t think women understand their value”, says junior Olivia Mehalick. “We are stronger together. If we could realize this, we would realize how awesome we are.”

With age comes maturity; women in their twenties have that advantage, but they can be just as bad as teenagers. Females bring each other down over insecurities and seek male validation without realizing our worth. It’s seen through all generations and over time, and even in this day and age where sisterhood is celebrated, we haven’t gotten any better.

“Age is no factor,” said sophomore Ayala Rinhart. “All women are bad about tearing each other apart.”

We need to understand that we are perfect as we are; it’s common when a female will walk into a building and they are immediately judged. Gossip is our enemy; it will tear us apart and make us self-conscious to the point we look for reassurance to find some kind of comfort. We need to do better; we are hurting each other.

“A goal for us should be being happy and successful and not giving anything to anyone just because you can, ” said Olivia Mehalick. “It would benefit society and understanding of their worth, and I know a lot of women who don’t understand how much value they have.”