Why Buy Local

Campbell Cheers

When driving through town, you may pass a local farmer’s market. Stopping by and purchasing produce could make a huge difference in someone’s day.

The importance of buying locally is very important. When someone is running a small business, that could be their only income. When you buy from their business, you help them pay their bills and maybe even support a family.

“You give your money back to the small community business,” said Shelly Cheers, co-owner of Ludlum’s Produce of Holden Beach. “They are trying to make a living selling products that they make.”

Not only are you giving back to the community by purchasing local products, but the produce is much safer and fresher as well. When buying in Walmart and places similar, produce goes through chemicals being constantly put on them so they don’t break down. At small local businesses, chemicals are typically not added to the produce because of the amount they have and because it goes from the field to the store.

“For example, you buy vegetables at Ludlum’s Produce instead of Food Lion,” said Cheers.

It gives people an opportunity for a job if they are in need. Sometimes people need to have more than one job for a greater income and working at a chain business and a local business could be the perfect income for them.

Supporting your community and helping others should make you feel good about yourself. Buying from a local business could improve someone’s day and you manage what goes into your body to keep yourself healthy.

“Wherever it is you decide to buy local, it will have a positive impact on the community,” said Cheers.