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Battle of the Books

BATTLE OF THE BOOKS: Students from all 6 BCS Middle School teams read 22 books in order to prepare for the Battle of the Books competition.

That’s a lot of reading!  Kudos to all the students from all 6 schools for achieving such success on their teams and reaching the quiz-bowl style tournament.


(-Roll) And now to this year’s Champs…


Congratulations to the Cedar Grove Middle School Bulldogs for winning the 2022 Brunswick County Schools Middle School Battle of the Books competition!


Second place honors go to the Leland Middle School Tigers.


The CGMS Bulldogs will advance to the regional competition held on March 22, 2022.


The Cedar Grove Battle of the Books Team includes Ava Williams, Jennifer Zheng, Bella Best, Kimber Cook, Blayden Ludlum, Gabriella Arendt, Charlotte Caison-Childs, Kevin Llanos Aguirre, Bethany Shook,  Jonathon Hewett, Max Elliott, Wesley Wilson, and Coach April Rogerson.

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